Sunday, April 14, 2013

Broadcast News (1987)

dir. James L. Brooks

Jane (Holly Hunter) and Aaron (Albert Brooks) discussing their work – Washington Circle NW, Washington, DC

Their office – 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC. They use the entrance at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street.

Tom trying to catch up with Jane - Pennsylvania Avenue at 11th Street NW, Washington, DC. The Old Post Office Pavilion is seen in the background.

Ernie’s (Robert Prosky) house – 4435 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Aaron's house – 639 E. Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC

Jane meeting with Tom and Jennifer (Lois Chiles) at a diner – the diner stood at the northeast corner of E and 11th Streets NW, Washington, DC, but it has since been torn down.

Tom taking Jennifer to his car – the southeast corner of E and 11th Streets NW, Washington, DC.

Jane’s apartment – 2018 Hillyer Place NW, Washington, DC.

Jane going to the correspondents’ dinner and wishing Aaron good luck in his debut as a news anchor – Connecticut Avenue and R Street and Connecticut Avenue at Hillyer Place NW, Washington DC.

Jane and Tom’s romantic outing - Jefferson Memorial, 900 Ohio Drive SW, Washington, Washington DC.

Aaron tells Jane that Tom cheated during his interview – 219 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia

Jane says goodbye to Tom - BWI Airport, 7426 New Ridge Road, Hanover, Maryland

Jane, Tom and Aaron meet again – Still searching for this location


  1. what you listed as Hillyer Place at Connecticut Avenue NW looks more like the intersection of Connecticut and R to me

    1. The second screenshot is for Connection Ave. at Hillyer Place, the first is indeed Connecticut and R. Thank you for the correction.

  2. The bar scenes were shot at Whitlow's, which was located next to the old Woodward and Lothrop department store. In the late 90s Whitlow's packed up and moved to Arlington, Va on Clarendon Blvd, but its actual church pew booths and a bar made from a bowling alley were re-installed at the new location.

  3. The screenshot of the hotel...that is from the hay can tell it's 16th and H looking southeast. You can even tell by the windows that it is not the jw Marriott.

  4. I've simply got to know something please. In the first scene shown above, Jane and Aaron rotate around to reveal a huge brick building that looks gorgeous, almost castle-like. WHAT IS IT?

    The closest I can come via Google maps etc is Georgetown Visitation Founders Hall -- but it doesn't match the picture of the building of that name in Wikipedia's article on Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. Does it?

    Help! Thanks!

  5. The opening scene was filmed in Clifton, VA near George Mason University. It was outside the old Heart and Hand Restaurant (1971-2011). It still looks pretty much the same because it’s an historic building, but is now an expansive Italian Restaurant, Villagio.