Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Shorty (1995)

dir. Barry Sonnenfeld

Ray "Bones" Barboni (Dennis Farina) insults Chili Palmer (John Travolta) in a restaurant – Vesuvio’s (now closed), 312 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California. The first picture shows the view across the street, the second one is of the restaurant itself, now called Fraiche.

Barboni’s hotel – The Georgian, 1415 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, California

The barber shop - 1112 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, California.

Leo Devoe's wife's house – 11820 N. Park Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Karen Flores’ (Rene Russo) house - 22349 Carbon Mesa Road, Malibu, California

Palmer and schlock movie producer Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman) see famous actor Martin Weir (Danny De Vito) having lunch - Cafe Med, 8615 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Zimm’s office - 6601 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Leo’s (David Paymer) hotel - Century Plaza Hotel, 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California.

Chili watches Touch of Evil - Aero Theater, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica California.

Martin Weir’s house – 1017 N. Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

The restaurant where Zimm meets with Bo Catlett (Delroy Lindo), and where Chili beats up Bo’s henchman Bear (James Gandolfini) - Abiquiu (now closed), 1413 Fifth Street, Santa Monica, California.

Zimm’s apartment building – 601 N. Rossmore Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

The airport where the drug money is stored in a locker – Los Angeles International Airport, 1 World Way, Los Angeles, California

Bo Catlett's house – 8758 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Zimm, Chili and Karen having lunch with Weir - The Ivy, 113 N. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Chili’s hotel – Sunset Tower Hotel, 8358 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

The movie studio – Sony Pictures Studios, 10202 W. Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California

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  1. Bo Catlett’s house's looks like the same one that was briefly in Pulp Fiction when Marsellsu Wallace was sitting on the deck taking a phone call from Samuel L. Jackson's character.

  2. I'm pretty sure that Bo Catlett's house is at 8758 Hollywood Blvd.
    About 10 minutes after the scene with Bear and his daughter, Bo gives Chili directions to his house in Laurel Canyon. The address he gives (8151 Wonderland Ave.) isn't plausible as the filming location, but Laurel Canyon has very similar views to the ones shown in the earlier scene.

  3. Actually, it's definitely there. Check the exterior shot at 1:31:50 in the movie against the Street View of 8758 Hollywood Blvd.

    1. Thank you but I'm not 100% sure if the house front and the back were filmed at the same place.

  4. The address Karen is held hostage at by bear and his boss is told to chili to be at 8150 wonderland Ave which is the address where the infamous wonderland murders took place in 1980. Aka the four on the floor murders, a movie called wonderland was made about the murders with Val killer playing John holmes a famous porn star who was involved in the murders. Just very interesting

  5. Wow, this certainly is comprehensive.

  6. Wonderland murders occurred at a different house on the same street.8763 wonderland.
    Not the 8150 mentioned by Bo catlett in the movie. Not that hard to look up.