Friday, July 18, 2014

The Great Beauty (2013)

Italian title: La grande bellezza
dir. Paolo Sorrentino

Many thanks to Lois for taking the pictures for me. Given the sheer number of locations the interiors won't be mentioned here.

The cannon firing at noon – Terrazza del Gianicolo, Rome, Italy

Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Rome, Italy

Girls singing and the death of a Japanese tourist – Fontana dell'Acqua Paola, Via Garibaldi, Rome, Italy.

Jep’s (Toni Servillo) birthday party on the roof – Via Leonida Bissolati 5, Rome, Italy.

Jep’s manager driving his girlfriend home – Piazza dell'Orologio 7, Rome, Italy.

Kids behind the grill – Basilica di Santa Sabina all'Aventino, Piazza Pietro D'Illiria 1, Rome, Italy.

Kids watching a man with a dog – Via di Santa Sabina, Rome, Italy.

Jep washing up in a fountain – Fontana del Mascherone di Santa Sabina, Piazza Pietro D'Illiria, Rome, Italy.

A nun in the garden – Giardino di Sant'Alessio, Piazza di Sant'Alessio, Rome, Italy.

Jep’s home – Piazza del Colosseo 9, Rome, Italy. The building exterior is never shown but Jep’s apartment has a spectacular view of the Collosseum.

Jep watching a nun and children in the garden – Palazzo Sacchetti, Via Giulia 66, Rome, Italy.

The female performance artist banging her head against the wall – Parco degli Acquedotti, Via Lemonia 256, Rome, Italy.

Jep visiting Orietta – Chiesa di Sant'Agnese in Agone, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy.

Jep walking along the Tiber in the morning – Lungotevere Farnesina between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini, Rome, Italy. In the first screenshot he’s looking toward Ponte Mazzini, in the second he’s looking back toward Ponte Sisto.

Elisa’s funeral – Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Piazzale del Verano 1, Rome, Italy.

The lighthouse flashback – Faro di Capel Rosso, Isola del Giglio, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy.

Searching for a girl in the vault – Tempietto di Bramante, Chiesa di San Pietro in Montorio, Piazza di San Pietro in Montorio 2, Rome, Italy.

Jep walking at night – Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome, Italy.

Jep runs across his old friend in the strip club – Carrousel, Via Emilia 53, Rome, Italy.

Jep meeting Fanny Ardant – the staircase between Via Vittorio Veneto and Via Liguria, Rome, Italy.

Ramona’s (Sabrina Ferilli) home – Still searching for this location.

The party with a girl artist and a knife thrower – Casa Pino Casagrande, Via di Villa Pepoli 4, Rome, Italy.

The keyhole view of the St. Peter’s Cathedral – Buco della Serratura Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta, Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, Rome, Italy.

Entering the villa – Villa del Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta, Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, Rome, Italy.

Ramona taking pictures of the sculpture of Niobe and Her Children in the garden – Villa Medici, Viale della Trinita dei Monti 1, Rome, Italy.

The garden – Villa Medici, Viale della Trinita dei Monti 1, Rome, Italy.

Jep and Ramona returning from Viola’s son’s funeral – Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, Italy. They’re walking toward the Collosseum.

The vanishing giraffe – Terme di Caracalla, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy.

The one-man photographs exhibition – Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, Rome, Italy.

The garden party with the bishop – Villa di Fiorano, Via Appia Antica 400, Rome, Italy.

Taking pictures of nuns and monks in the garden – Still searching for this location.

The fountain in the garden where everyone is searching for Sister Maria – Palazzo Taverna, Via dei Gabrielli 92, Rome, Italy.

The "aristocrats for hire" returning home – Palazzo Sacchetti, Via Giulia 66, Rome, Italy.

A man jumping from the bridge – Ponte Mazzini, Rome, Italy

Nuns going to service – Angelicum, Largo Angelicum 1, Rome, Italy.

Sister Maria crawling up the steps – Scala Santa, Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano 14, Rome, Italy.

The end credits sequence – the camera moving along the Tiber from Ponte Sisto to Ponte Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy.

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  1. Great work. Thank you. I would use you site for my 4 days in Rome

  2. Just back from Rome again and we got so much pleasure from using your blog to track down and visit many of the sites in our favourite Roman movie. Thank you so much, your efforts are very much appreciated and we look forward to visiting more of them on our return in December. Sofia from Sydney <3

  3. This is awesome! Thanks! Only thing that would make it better is links to Google Maps.

  4. Anyway to know after they entered Villa del Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta they went and saw statutes where this was?

  5. They saw many statues in the different museums, one of the first statues is Marforio in Musei Capitolini.

  6. Still relevant today in Rome. Thanks a lot!

  7. Love this list! Where is the hall with perspective-tricky columns?

    1. Galleria Spada, the forced perspective gallery by Francesco Borromini.

  8. Superb work. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

  9. This is great. Hoping to bein Rome one day soon and will definitely try to see a few of the places listed. I love The Great Beauty. Such an incredible, amazing film.