Thursday, November 24, 2016

Purple Noon (1960)

French title: Plein soleil
dir. René Clément

This is the first film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, also filmed under its original title by Anthony Minghella in 1999. Unlike his successor, Clément didn't feel compelled to showcase Rome's usual tourist attractions. The exceptions are the Pantheon and the barely recognizable Piazza del Popolo. Many thanks to Lois for sharing her beautiful pictures with me. This only covers the Rome locations.

Philippe Greenleaf (Maurice Ronet) and Tom Ripley (Alain Delon) at a street cafe – Via Vittorio Veneto 118, Rome, Italy. This location actually matches the related episode in Highsmith’s novel. Later in the scene, Tom returns to the café with a book on Fra Angelico.

Philippe buys a cane from a blind man – Church of Santa Maria in Montesanto, Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy.

Philippe crosses the street pretending to be blind – Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Via del Corso, Rome, Italy.

Tom moves into a small hotel after Philippe’s murder – Via Campo Carleo 24, Rome, Italy.

Tom going out – Piazza del Grillo, Rome, Italy.

Tom crossing the Piazza della Rotonda with the Pantheon in the background, Rome, Italy. The piazza appeared more spectacularly in Peter Greenaway's The Belly of an Architect.

Tom goes into a Kodak shop – Piazza della Rotonda 66, Rome, Italy.

Tom buys more things necessary for his transformation into Philippe – Via di Santa Caterina da Siena 43, Rome, Italy.

The pharmacy – Via di Piè di Marmo 38, Rome, Italy.

Tom moves into a posh hotel – Westin Excelsior, Via Vittorio Veneto 125, Rome, Italy.

Tom rents an apartment – Via Savoia 90, Rome, Italy. It’s in the vicinity of the Porta Pinciana and Villa Borghese as in the novel.

Tom parks his car across the street – Via Savoia 51, Rome, Italy.

Tom flees his apartment as the police closes in on him – Via Civitavecchia 3, Rome, Italy.

Tom hails a cab – Via Civitavecchia 3, Rome, Italy.

Tom goes to the American Express office – Stazione Termini, Piazza dei Cinquecento, Rome, Italy.

Tom leaving the police station – Largo del Pallaro at Via di Grotta Pinta, Rome, Italy.

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  4. @javi: the fish market sequence was apparently shot at Piazza S. Francesco a Capuana, Naples, around Porta Capuana.
    Within the film, you can recognize the Porta itself and a whitish building with a clock in the background, which would be the rear (east) side of Castel Capuano.

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