Monday, August 15, 2016

The Wind and the Lion (1975)

dir. John Milius

Eden Pedecaris’ (Candice Bergen) house in Tangier – Calle Belén, Almeria, Spain. The villa now stands dilapidated and abandoned.

Raisuli (Sean Connery) and his men charging through the town square – Plaza Vieja, Almeria, Spain.

John Hay (John Huston) walking through the park and later meeting with President Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Keith) – Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain.

Raisuli camps out by the sea shore – Playa de Los Genoveses, Almeria, Spain. Many thanks to AndyP for pointing that out.

The Bashaw’s (Vladek Sheybal) palace in Tangier – Patio de las Muñecas (Court of the Dolls), Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

President Roosevelt’s rally – Museo del Ferrocarril (Railway Museum), Paseo de las Delicias 61, Madrid, Spain. The museum is located in a disused railway station called Las Delicias, and houses one of the largest historic railroad collections in Europe.

Roosevelt gives his "grizzly bear speech" in Yellowstone National Park – Meseta Central (Central Plateau), north of Madrid, Spain. During a special screening for President Gerald Ford, the latter started reminiscing about his times as a ranger at Yellowstone National Park and how familiar this place looked in the movie. Director Milius decided not to tell the President that the entire film was actually shot in Spain.

The American Consul-General (Geoffrey Lewis) visits the sultan’s palace in Fez – Patio de la Montería, Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

The Consul sees a locomotive inside the palace – Palacio Mudéjar, Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

Salón de Embajadores (Ambassadors Hall), Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

The sultan amusing himself – Pabellón de Carlos V (Charles V Pavilion), Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

Raisuli's stronghold – Calahorra Castle, La Calahorra, Granada, Spain. One of the first Italian Renaissance castles outside Italy, it was built between 1509 and 1512 on the site of a former Moorish fortress.

The American Consulate in Tangier – Parque de Nicolás Salmerón 28, Almeria, Spain.

Pedecaris meets with Tuaregs – Monsul Beach, Almeria, Spain. Many thanks to AndyP for pointing that out.

The Marines arrive in Tangier – Parque de Nicolás Salmerón, Almeria, Spain.

The French Consulate – Puerta de Aragon, Plaza de España, Seville, Spain.

The German Consulate – Plaza de España, Seville, Spain. Designed by Aníbal González, it was a complex built on the Maria Luisa Park's edge for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. In front of the main semi-circular building is a 500-meter canal crossed by four bridges, representing the original four kingdoms of Spain. At either end of the building, there are two towers tall enough to be visible around the city. Today the building is mostly occupied by governmental offices. Plaza de España was also used in Lawrence of Arabia. Being a big fan, Milius actually reused several locations from David Lean's film.

The Marines approaching the Bashaw's palace – Plaza de America, Seville, Spain. The building in the background is the Archaeological Museum, and the exterior of the palace is the Museum of Arts and Traditions. All these buildings were designed by Aníbal González between 1913 and 1916 for the future Ibero-American exhibition of 1929.

The Marines fighting the Bashaw’s guards – Patio de las Doncellas (Court of the Maidens), Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain. The courtyard had various floor designs over the years, which explains why there's no reflecting pool in the movie.

John Hay meeting with Roosevelt – Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain.

The Berbers and Americans team up to defeat the Germans and their Moroccan allies, rescuing Raisuli in the process – Playa del Algarrobico, Carboneras, Andalusia, Spain. Here Milius reused the "Aqaba" set which had been constructed for Lawrence of Arabia.

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  1. Yuri,

    What a FANTASTIC post!!! "The Wind And The Lion" is my favorite movie of all time, and the locations are all fantastic, but to be honest I did not know the American scenes were all actually shot in Spain as well as those set in Morocco! Thanks very much for doing so much research and leg-work to visit and photograph all those locations! I will be pointing some fellow crazy THE WIND AND THE LION fans to this pag of your blog!

    1. You're very welcome. I'm glad you found it interesting.

  2. Love this post!
    I've just seen this movie for the first time I think, and was blown away! Great movie and locations! Researching the locations (as I tend to do for most films I watch!) I came across this post, and your blog! Love your work.
    The locations you're still looking for here:
    Raisuli camps out by the sea shore is actually Playa de Los Genoveses just south of San Jose, Cabo de Gata,Spain
    Pedecaris meets with Tuaregs is actually Monsul Beach, about 2 miles south west of the above. Interestingly this beach is the same beach where Connery uses his umbrella to scare the seagulls into the air in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    Fascinating to read also that they reused the Aqaba set from Lawrence of Arabia. How on earth did you find THAT out! Amazing!
    Really love that film thank you for this Yuri

  3. Fantastic stuff! This is one of my most favorite movies. Mad Guru sent me the link, and I’m grateful for that. Too bad there were no blogs such as these when I traveled to Spain many a year ago.