Sunday, July 26, 2015

Play It Again, Sam (1972)

dir. Herbert Ross

Allan Felix (Woody Allen) watching Casablanca in a movie theater – Surf Theatre, 4520 Irving Street, San Francisco, California. The theater specialized in foreign and art films and closed down in 1985. The building has been converted into a church.

Allan going to a laundromat – Grant Avenue south of Greenwich Street, San Francisco, California

Allan’s wife Nancy (Susan Anspach) leaving him – Vallejo Street at Kearny, San Francisco, California

The nymphomaniac Jennifer’s (Viva) house – 2065 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, California

The beach house – 336 Seadrift Road, Stinson Beach, California

Allan chatting with Linda (Diane Keaton) by the beach – Stinson Beach by Shoreline Highway, California

The restaurant where Dick (Tony Roberts) takes Allan trying to fix him up with a girl – The Trident, 558 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California

The bar where Allan and Julie (Joy Bang) are harassed by two thugs – Still searching for this location

Allan talking with Linda outside his place of work – Still searching for this location

Allan and Linda setting up a dinner date – the benches in front of Spreckels Temple of Music, Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

Allan and Linda riding a cable car – Hyde Street at Bay Street, San Francisco, California

Linda’s house – 2614 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, California. The house has since been remodeled, and the thing above the garage obstructs the view of the front door.

The elated Allan crossing the street – Buchanan Street at Vallejo, San Francisco, California.

Allan gets bitten by a dog – Buchanan Street north of Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, California.

Allan accidentally pushes a guy into the Bay – the dead end part of Vallejo Street above Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. Many thanks to Joseph Greco for the correction.

Allan talking about Italian movies – Palace Theatre aka Pagoda Theatre, 1731 Powell Street, San Francisco, California. It was torn down in 2013 after being vacant and boarded up for 20 years. Many thanks to Thomas Sherrod for pointing out this location.

Allan suddenly meets with Dick – Kearny Street at Fresno, San Francisco, California

Allan’s apartment – 15 Fresno Street, San Francisco, California

Allan coming to Linda's house – Buchanan Street north of Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, California.

Allan rushing down the stairs of Linda's house to catch a cab – 2614 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, California.

Allan and Linda at the airport – San Francisco International Airport, San Mateo County, California.

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  1. Hello, Love 'Play It Again Sam'. I'm a fan of movies/TV filmed in San Francisco, esp. older. Been living in SF for 30 years, but grew up across the bay. Spent a lot of time here in the 70s.
    I have an answer to your "Woody Allen talking Italian movies..." This is the Palace movie theater in San Francisco's North Beach/Washington Square neighborhood. I still call it the Pagoda Theater (it changed it's name at some point). It was on Powell street (1700 block)at Filbert street across from Washington Square park. It was demolished around 2008-11 (?) Condos are being built there now.

  2. No problem Yuri, glad to help out -love your research, movie picks, and photos! ~ Thomas Sherrod

  3. Thanks so much for your research and your post. I loved going to movies at the Surf back in the late 1970's. Little did we know that we were in an era that the looming digital revolution would vanquish, taking old movie theaters in its wake. In guessing, but the dive where Allan and his date are menaced by bikers was probably a long-gone establishment on the embarcadero. Where's Herb Caen when we need him? Again, thanks.

    1. You're welcome. I think that bar was supposed to be outside of the city.

  4. Another film location blog gives the biker bar location as Snarley's in Bolinas. However, the only thing that comes up is Smiley's, and no Woody Allen location shoot is mentioned in its history.

  5. This is a great find! My wife is from the Bay Area (Marin) and was an extra on the movie. We watched again the other night and couldn't remember if the restaurant was the Trident or not. She was also friends with the guy who was Woody Allen's stand in for the film but could not for the life of her remember his name nor is it listed anywhere (IMDB, etc). Any chance you or anyone who reads this might know?

  6. Correction: Where Allan pushes a guy off a wall is actually on the Vallejo Street cul-de-sac above Montgomery Street in Telegraph Hill. Google-Map 452 Vallejo Street and rotate til you see the wall. Trees now obscure much of the Bay Bridge.

  7. The scene were Woody pushes the guy off the wall was not on the Embarcadero; it was on the dead end part of Vallejo St. above Montgomery.

    1. Yes, indeed. Thank you for the correction, Joseph!