Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mr. Arkadin (1955)

aka Confidential Report
dir. Orson Welles

The Criterion Collection produced a DVD box set that includes a comprehensive re-edit that combines material taken from all the known versions of the film. Despite being assembled without the original director's participation, the Criterion version seems to be the most coherent and easy to follow of all the known versions. Given the kaleidoscopic nature of the film, and Welles' penchant to mix several different places in the same sequence, it's a daunting task to identify all of the filming locations. So far, this post only covers the Munich, Segovia and Paris locations. The French Riviera and the rest of Spanish locations have yet to be investigated.

Guy Van Stratten (Robert Arden) visits Zouk (Akim Tamiroff) – Sebastianplatz 4, Munich, Germany

In the port of Naples, Van Stratten hears a confession of dying man and then is arrested by the police – Port of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Arkadin's (Orson Welles) castle in Spain – Alcazar, Segovia, Spain.

The religious procession – Segovia, Spain.

Raina (Paola Mori) waves to Van Stratten from across the street – Plaza Medina del Campo, Segovia, Spain.

Van Stratten and Raina going out – Segovia Aqueduct, Segovia, Spain.

Raina says that Arkadin's spies are always around – Puerta de San Andres, Segovia, Spain.

Van Stratten is summoned by Arkadin – Alcazar, Segovia, Spain.

Van Stratten confronts Arkadin about his secret – Alcazar, Segovia, Spain.

Van Stratten gets a statement about Arkadin from a lord's secretary – Chillon Castle, Avenue de Chillon 21, Veytaux, Switzerland.

Van Stratten inquiring about Arkadin’s (Orson Welles) past in Paris – Rue Royale, Paris, France. The famous Maxim’s is on the left of the frame.

Van Stratten questioning another witness – Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France.

Van Stratten asking a concierge about Baroness von Nagel (Suzanne Flon) – Place des Vosges, Paris, France.

Van Stratten crossing the Place de la Concorde, Paris, France.

Van Stratten on his way to Arkadin’s hotel – Place Pigalle, Paris, France. The Hotel Royal Pigalle is now called Villa Royale.

Van Stratten talking to the two policemen who have been following him – Rindermarkt, Munich, Germany. The block has since been rebuilt, and it’s not possible to get a view of the Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall) from there.

The church behind the policeman – St. Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church), Petersplatz 1, Munich, Germany. The church is the oldest in Munich, and its 90-meter high tower – nicknamed "Alter Peter" (Old Peter) – is one of the enduring symbols of the city.

Van Stratten rushing through the square – Am Kosttor, Munich, Germany. The fountain in the center of the square is called Wolfsbrunnen or Rotkäppchenbrunnen and is topped by a bronze sculpture of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

Van Stratten is nearly run over by Arkadin’s car – Platzl, Munich, Germany. The famous Hofbräuhaus is in the background. The three-floor beer hall dating back to the 16th century is featured more prominently in Dario Argento's Suspiria.

The restaurant where Van Stratten gets goose liver for Zouk – Münchner Künstlerhaus, Lenbachplatz 8, Munich, Germany. Many thanks to Lois for taking the picture for me.

Van Stratten's hotel – ORAG-Haus, Oberanger 9, Munich, Germany.

Arkadin’s car rushes past Van Stratten – Weinstraße at Schäfflerstraße, Munich, Germany.

Van Stratten takes refuge in a church but Arkadin finds him there – Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Trinity Church), Pacellistraße 6, Munich, Germany. This was the only church in the center of Munich which had been spared from destruction by bombs during World War II.

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