Monday, May 18, 2015

Suspiria (1977)

dir. Dario Argento

Suzy (Jessica Harper) arrives in Germany – Munich-Riem Airport, Trudering-Riem, Germany. It was closed down in 1992 when the new Munich Airport commenced operations. The Munich-Riem Airport also appeared in Michelangelo Antonioni's The Passenger.

The Dance Academy – it was a set constructed on a studio backlot at De Paolis Studio in Rome. The exterior was inspired by the Haus zum Walfisch in Freiburg, Germany.

Pat (Eva Axén) who is expelled from the academy finds refuge at a friend's apartment in town where she gets brutally murdered later – Burgstraße 4, Munich, Germany. The interior was filmed on a studio set.

The blind musician Daniel (Flavio Bucci) exiting a beer hall – Hofbräuhaus, Platzl 9, Munich, Germany. It's a three-floor beer hall dating back to the 16th century, popular among locals as well as foreigners.

Daniel and his guide dog crossing an empty plaza – Königsplatz, Munich, Germany. Modeled on the Acropolis in Athens, the Königplatz was used during the Third Reich as a square for the Nazi Party's mass rallies. Today it’s Munich's gallery and museum quarter.

The Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collections of Antiques) is a museum for the Bavarian state's antique collections for Greek, Etruscan and Roman art.

Propyläen was created as a memorial for the accession to the throne of Otto of Greece, a son of the King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Suzy meeting with Dr. Frank Mandel (Udo Kier) – BMW Museum & Towers, Am Olympiapark 2, Munich, Germany.

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