Friday, January 11, 2013

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

dir. Clint Eastwood

Willie's (Mike Colter) fight – Grand Olympic Auditorium, 1801 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) picks up Willie after the fight – the parking lot behind Grand Olympic Auditorium, 1801 S. Grand Avenue, looking toward Hope Street, Los Angeles, California

Frankie’s church – Church of St. Mark, 940 Coeur D’Alene Avenue, Venice, California

Hit Pit Gym – This was filmed at a disused warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Judging by the street views, it was somewhere near E. 4th Street, but probably the warehouse has since been torn down.

The café where Maggie (Hillary Swank) works – On the Waterfront Café, 205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California

Frankie’s house – 5206 Argus Drive, Eagle Rock, California.

Maggie’s new place of work – Shelly’s Café, 7013 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Scrap (Morgan Freeman) takes Maggie out to celebrate her birthday – Quality Café, 1236 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, California. This picture was taken in late 2006 before the place had ceased to function as a diner, and it's used only as a film location now.

Maggie's apartment – 20 Dudley Court, Venice, California.

Maggie’s London fight – Gymnasium, Hollywood Athletic Club, 6525 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Visiting Maggie's family in Missouri - Still searching for this location

The house that Maggie bought for her mother - 11115 Wicks Street, Sun Valley, California

Ira’s Roadside Diner where Frankie tries the local lemon pie - Still searching for this location

The street near the gym – E. 4th Street between Crocker and Omar Streets, Los Angeles, California

Maggie’s hospital – St. Luke's Medical Center, 2632 E. Washington Boulevard, Pasadena, California

Frankie walking down the street - E. 4th Street at Crocker Street, Los Angeles, California

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