Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Open Your Eyes (1997)

Spanish title: Abre los ojos
dir. Alejandro Amenábar
Remade as Vanilla Sky in 2001

It was surprising to discover that the locations for this popular film hadn't really been covered yet, even on the Spanish sites. I found dozens of mentions of the deserted Gran Via and that was it. It took a lot of research to figure this out. So here it goes.

César’s (Eduardo Noriega) apartment - Calle Piamonte 23, Madrid, Spain

César driving in the street - Calle Piamonte at Calle Xiquena, Madrid, Spain

An empty street - Calle Santa Teresa, Madrid, Spain

César driving in another empty street - Calle Marqués de Monasterio, Madrid, Spain

César getting out of the car - Calle Marqués de Monasterio at Calle de Tamayo y Baus, Madrid, Spain. Though the film makes it look like he can see the Gran Via from there, it's actually several miles to the west.

César sees the grand avenue completely deserted - Gran Via looking toward Plaza de España, Madrid, Spain

Pelayo’s (Fele Martínez) apartment - Paseo del Pintor Rosales 54, Madrid, Spain

César coming out of Sofía’s (Penélope Cruz) apartment - Calle del Espejo 12, Madrid, Spain. César’s car is parked at Calle del Espejo 6.

The car crash caused by César’s obsessive ex-lover Nuria (Najwa Nimri) – Ronda del Sur at Calle Mudela, Madrid, Spain. The area has since been redeveloped.

Sofía doing a pantomime in the park – Parque de Berlin, Avenida de Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain. The concrete graffiti-covered panels are fragments of the Berlin Wall.

César and Pelayo arguing in the street – Calle Antonio Maura at Calle Alfonso XI, Madrid, Spain

César running after Pelayo arguing in the street – Calle Alfonso XII at Calle Antonio Maura, Madrid, Spain. The Buen Retiro park entrance is seen in the background.

Sofía wakes up César in the street – Calle Alfonso XI at Calle Antonio Maura, Madrid, Spain

César and Pelayo arguing by the police station – Calle de Müller at Calle Miosotis, Madrid, Spain. It's a real police station in Tetuan.

The Life Extension headquarters – Torre Picasso, Plaza de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Madrid, Spain. From 1988 until 2007 it was the tallest skyscraper in Madrid, measuring 515 ft (157 m) since then overtaken by the Torre Espacio, Torre Caja Madrid, Torre de Cristal and Torre Sacyr Vallehermoso.

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