Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't Look Now (1973)

dir. Nicolas Roeg

John and Laura Baxter’s (Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie) house – Baas Manor Farm, Baas Hill, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, UK.

The restaurant where the Baxters meet two mysterious sisters and Laura faints – Ristorante Roma, Cannaregio 122, Venice, Italy. It’s located near the Ponte degli Scalzi on the Canal Grande

As Laura is being taken away in a water ambulance, the crowd is watching from the Ponte dei Scalzi

The eastward view of the Canal Grande from the Ponte dei Scalzi

Laura goes to pray in a church – San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti, Fondamenta Mendicanti, Venice, Italy. The interior was filmed in the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, known in the Venetian dialect as San Zanipolo.

The church that John is restoring – San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, Campo San Nicolò 1907, Venice, Italy. The mosaic that John restores was a prop and is not to be seen in the church.

The hotel where the Baxters are staying – Hotel Gabrielli, Riva degli Schiavoni 4110, Venice, Italy. Only the hotel exterior and lobby were used for the filming. The room interior was shot at the Bauer Hotel, Campo San Marco 1459, to the west of the Piazza San Marco

John walks through the Piazza San Marco.

John walking home after narrowly escaping death in an accident - Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Cannaregio, Venice, Italy

The hotel where the sisters are staying – La Fenice et des Artistes, San Marco 1936, Campiello della Fenice, Venice, Italy

John Baxter follows the mysterious red-coated figure – Fondamenta San Severo, Venice, Italy

Baxter meets his doom – Palazzo Grimani, Fondamenta San Severo, Venice, Italy

John Baxter’s funeral – Campo San Stae, Venice, Italy.

The view from Campo San Stae to the Canal Grande

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  1. Just a note re: the church Laura goes into to pray--the exterior is San Stae, but the interior scenes appear to have been filmed in the Church of Zanipolo (Giovanni e Paolo) in Castello.

    1. The San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti church exterior is shown when Laura decides to light a candle. It is not San Stae. Look at the statues or the building to the right in the movie to verify this. Credit goes to Jeff Cotton of the Fictional Cities site for identifying this church.

    2. Thank you for the correction.

  2. This is one of my favorite movies! Looking forward to my visit to Venice this coming September.

  3. I can tell you several more locations. The night they get lost, Laura is on Ponte Storto when John shouts to her from Fondamenta Drio Ruga Giuffa. They meet up and walk along Calle Castagna (optician's sign behind them) and emerge into Ruga Giuffa. There is another scene where they are on Ponte del Remedio.

  4. The place where John follows Laura when she meets the two sisters is in Corte Barbo, off Campiello Mosca, off Crosera San Pantalon. There are scenes in the Giardini Pubblici where Laura meets the two sisters (statue of Minerva on lion in background). John and Laura go through a gate into Secco Marina.

  5. Sorry. Not Secco Marina. They go through a gate from Viale Trento into Rio Terà San Giuseppe.

  6. I took a look at the house today. It's just down the road from where I live. Couldn't believe that one of my favourite films had a connection to Broxbourne. I'd driven past hundreds of times and never realised.