Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Outside Man (1972)

French title: Un homme est mort
dir. Jacques Deray

French hitman Lucien Bellon (Jean-Louis Trintignant) arriving at his hotel – Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.

The Kovacs’ mansion – 809 Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, California

Lucien narrowly escapes another hitman, Lenny (Roy Scheider) – the parking lot across the street from Beverly Hilton, Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.

The Ralph’s parking lot where Lucien takes Mrs. Barnes (Georgina Engel) hostage – 14049 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California.

Mrs. Barnes apartment building – Medallion Apartments, 8833 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It was located next to the Tower Records store, but it's the IAC building now..

Lenny sees Lucien and rushes to his car – 8850 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. For some reason, the store name is now spelled "Terner’s", not "Turner’s".

Lucien picks up the young hitchhiker – Vine Theatre, 6321 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Lucien enters the old Greyhound bus station – it stood at the corner of E. 6th and Los Angeles Streets, Los Angeles, California. The bus station has since then moved to a different location but the building still stands, now occupied by a variety of small shops.

The Ace-Hi Club where Lucien meets Nancy (Ann-Margret) – it stood at the corner of E. 5th and Los Angeles Streets, Los Angeles, California. The entire block has since been torn down.

Nancy takes Lucien to Venice – Ocean Front Walk at Market Street, Venice, California.

A policeman accompanies Mrs. Barnes’ son to a school bus – 8801 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. The Tower Records store has since then been closed.

Nancy’s apartment building – 1857 N. Wilton Place, Los Angeles, California.

The taxi driver’s apartment – 16 Virginia Court, Venice, California. The front of the house is now obscured by trees, and it’s very hard to get a good view of it.

Lenny shooting at Lucien – the ruins of the Pacific Ocean Park amusement pier, Venice, California. The pier was torn down in the mid-1970s.

The police car chasing Lenny – Dell Avenue at Howland Canal, Venice, California.

Lucien follows Jackie Kovacs (Angie Dickinson) – Robinson’s, 9900 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California. The store closed years ago, and the building lives on borrowed time – there are plans to build a condominium complex on the site.

Nancy and Lucien move into a motel where they wait for Lenny – Heritage Motel (now called East West Suites), 15485 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California.

Lucien’s friends arrive from Paris – Los Angeles International Airport, 1 World Way, Los Angeles, California.

Kovacs’ funeral – Holy Cross Cemetery, 5835 W. Slauson Avenue, Culver City, California.

Police cars chasing Lucien – 6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, California. The concrete bridge was torn down in 2016, due to structural issues, and will be replaced by 2019.

Lucien stops – 4th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I'm the one and ONLY person who was actually born and raised in L.A. So many stream-in from near & far to become movie/ rock/ TV/ reality stars. There's no one around who remembers where the old Orange Julius was on Ventura Blvd.. or the layout of the original Sherman Oaks Galleria...

    As a native of Sherman Oaks, I can't tell you how utterly enjoyable this was! Memories I didn't even know I had came streaming back.

    So cool.

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never seen (nor heard of) the film, The Outside Man but will find it-- come hell or high water.

    Very Much Obliged for the post!

    1. It's fairly easy to get:

      It captures the city's look in the early 1970s so well. The French version is slightly longer and it has an additional sequence on Ventura Blvd.

  2. I recorded an interview with screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere and film producer Jacques Bar back in 2003, they were made up as extras for the French DVD; when the film came out it was held as the best film on L.A. It took a foreign eye to capture the megapole. Deray's work is not well known in the States; his films like La Piscine, an upcoming US remake is to be released soon or Borsalino are cultish over here. You did a stellar job of finding these locations for us to view now in hindsight. Then again I, myself lived in Los Angeles from '76 on through late '80. Check out the French poster of The Outside man the FRench title being Un Homme est mort ( a man is dead).

    1. Thank you, Michaël. I've seen La Piscine a number of times and Borcalino once. Of all Deray films, I personally prefer this one and Un Papillon sur l'epaule which I may cover at some point in the future.

    2. I've seen the French version too. As I noted above, it has a couple of sequences not present in the English version.

  3. I saw Ann Margaret on the sand in Venice filming this movie.