Friday, June 29, 2012

Strangers on a Train (1951)

dir. Alfred Hitchcock

There's an excellent write-up by Nandor Bokor on the Connecticut and New York locations from the film. The locations below are for the Washington, DC portion of the movie.

The opening scene shows the cars driving through the arch where is now the entrance to the Union Station Metro Station, 701 First St., NE..

I was unable to locate Guy Haines' house with "420 NW" address. It was probably filmed on the Warners' studio backlot.

Guy walks with a police lieutenant by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, 701 West Basin Drive, SW..

Guy sees the ominous Bruno on the steps of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Bruno stalks Guy at the National Gallery of Art, 4th Constitution Avenue, NW.

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  1. The train station in Danbury, Connecticut was used for interior and exterior shots. There were also sequences filmed on Main Street in Danbury.