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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

dir. David Fincher

The film had a complex shooting schedule, jumping from Sweden to Switzerland to studio interiors in Los Angeles and then on to Norway and the U.K. before returning to Sweden, where principal photography finished in June of 2011. There are over 1,000 visual effects throughout the film, incorporating matte painting elements, removing or inserting buildings, adding snow and other seasonal features. All these visual alterations make it difficult sometimes to determine the locations because you don’t know what is real and what is not. Also, unlike the Swedish version, the American remake doesn’t maintain any geographical consistency so it’s not easy to guess where else they might have shot it.

The court where Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) loses a libel case against Wennerström – Stockholms Tingsrätt (Stockholm District Court), Scheelegatan 7, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mikael sitting in his favorite café – Sankt Paulsgatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden. The café was closed for the summer, and it wasn’t possible to take a picture inside. They say that Ellen Nyqvist, the daughter of the actor who played Mikael in the Swedish version, worked at the café at the time of the filming. She served Daniel Craig in that episode.

The Millennium office – Hälsingegatan 32, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) comes to the Milton Security office – Stadsgården 14, Stockholm, Sweden. There’s a big construction going on around the site, and the area is fenced. It’s not possible to take pictures from the same angles as in the film.

Wennerström’s apartment – Strandvägen 63, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mikael arrives in Hedestad – Sollefteå Railway Station, Sollefteå, Sweden. The lawyer is waiting for him on Järnvägsgatan, across the road from the station. That shot was digitally altered, and it doesn’t match the actual view of the street. Sollefteå is a small town in Västernorrland County in the north of Sweden.

Crossing the bridge – Segersta Bridge, Segersta, Sweden. The phone booth was put up there for the filming. The bridge is also the scene of the car accident on the day when Harriet disappeared. Segersta is a small village in Gävleborg County, approximately halfway between Stockholm and Sollefteå. It’s roughly 400 km (248.5 miles) to the north from the Vanger estate filming location.

Vanger’s estate – Hofsta Manor, Björkvik, Sweden, Sweden. The estate is actually a large farm where they raise pigs and breed horses. The manor is a private residence and isn’t visible from the road.

Lisbeth visits her hacker friend – Still searching for this location.

The street parade in Hedestad – Drottninggatan, Uppsala, Sweden. Since it takes place in the 1960s, the fimmakers added period traffic signs, repainted the crosswalks and set-dressed the store fronts. The preparation and shooting disrupted the traffic in the street for a month.

Lisbeth visits her first guardian – Kungsklippan 11, Stockholm, Sweden.

The cottage where Mikael is staying while working for Vanger – Hofsta Manor, Björkvik, Sweden, Sweden. The cottage is located to the northwest of the manor.

The convenience store – Djupavägen, Segersta, Sweden. This was built for the film on the parking lot opposite the local parish church. The store was later demolished but before then it was captured on Google StreetView from 2011.

Bjurman’s office – Garvargatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden.

Martin Vanger’s (Stellan Skarsgård) house – Villa Överby, Överby Korsväg, Vindö, Sweden. Vindö is a large island in the Stockholm archipelago, between Värmdö and Kanholmsfjärden. In the film, the house is made to look like it stands on a hilltop visible from the Vanger estate. This was a matte painting incorporated into the shot.

Lisbeth’s laptop bag gets snatched by a thief – Gärdet T-bana station, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mikael visit Anita (Joely Richardson) in her London office – Foster Lane, London EC2, UK

Lisbeth calling Bjurman for an appointment – Malmskillnadstrappan, Stockholm, Sweden. Then she turns into Kungsgatan.

Lisbeth going home after Bjurman’s rape – Karl XIIs torg, Stockholm, Sweden.

Pustegränd, Stockholm, Sweden. She’s going from Brännkyrkagatan to Hornsgatan which means she’s actually going away from the street where she lives.

Mikael investigates in Hedestad – Drottninggatan, Uppsala, Sweden.

Hedestads Kuriren office – Slottsgränd 2, Uppsala, Sweden.

Bjurman’s apartment – Rörstrandsgatan 31, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lisbeth gets on her motorcycle – Brännkyrkagatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden.

The police station – Still searching for this location.

The hostel – Kungsbacken Hotel, Kungsgatan 22, Katrineholm, Sweden.

Looking for the carpenter shop – Polgatan 31, Kilafors, Sweden. During the filming in Kilafors and Segersta the cast and crew stayed at the nearby Kilafors Herrgård.

The retirement home – Still searching for this location.

Gottfried Vanger’s cabin – Still searching for this location

Vanger Industries headquarters – Still searching for this location.

Mikael and his team checking out Anita's London apartment – 2 Lonsdale Square, London N1, UK

Mikael talking with Anita in the square garden – Gresham Street at Noble, London EC2, UK

Lisbeth’s apartment – Brännkyrkagatan 66, Stockholm, Sweden.

Lisbeth arrives in Zurich – Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland

Lisbeth’s hotel – Dolder Grand, Kurhausstrasse 65, Zurich, Switzerland Originally built as a spa in 1899, this five-star hotel offers spectacular views of the Alps and Lake Zurich. It's a few minutes walk from the upper terminus of the Dolderbahn rack railway.

Lisbeth comes to a bank – Bank Sparhafen, Fraumünsterstrasse 21, Zurich, Switzerland. She enters the building from Kappelergasse.

Lisbeth comes to another bank – Lindenhofstrasse 19, Zurich, Switzerland. This is not actually a bank but a regional office known as Amtshaus IV. Designed by Gustav Gull in 1912-1914, the building underwent an extensive and costly renovation in 2001-2002.

Lisbeth leaving Zurich – Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo, Norway. The train station is not the Zurich Hauptbahnhof, it is actually the Oslo Airport station that connects the airport with the city.

Mikael’s apartment – Bellmansgatan 1, Stockholm, Sweden. That’s the only location in the film that matches Stieg Larsson’s novel.

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