Monday, April 14, 2014

Frantic (1988)

dir. Roman Polanski

Dr. Richard Walker’s (Harrison Ford) hotel – Le Grand Hotel, 2 Rue Scribe, Paris, France.

The hotel window view – Opera Garnier, 8 Rue Scribe, Paris, France.

The flower shop – 5 Rue Scribe, Paris, France. The shop is no longer there.

The bar where Walker is asking about his missing wife – 3 Rue Scribe, Paris, France. The bar is no longer there, replaced with expensive boutiques.

A bum (Dominique Pinon) showing the place where he saw Walker’s wife kidnapped – Passage Brady near Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, Paris, France.

Walker going to see the hotel desk clerk in a gym – 48 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, Paris, France

The American embassy – Still searching for this location.

The Blue Parrot club – 7 Rue du Bourg l'Abbé, Paris, France. The club has been closed and there’s some construction going on around the building. Polanski later used this location in Bitter Moon.

Walker going to Dédé’s apartment – 18 Rue Saint-Nicolas, Paris, France. Many thanks to Adam Roberts from the Invisible Paris blog for helping me to find this location.

The passage leading to Dédé’s apartment – Cour des 3 Frères, Paris, France. The passage is actually across the street from Rue Saint-Nicolas and not behind the door that Walker enters. Many thanks to Adam Roberts from the Invisible Paris blog for helping me to find this location

Michelle’s (Emmanuelle Seigner) apartment roof – this was filmed on a studio set

Walker and Michelle leaving the boat where they’ve been hiding – Voie Georges Pompidou near the Pont de Grenelle, Paris, France

Walker and Michelle on the embankment – Port de Grenelle, Paris, France. This is actually on the other bank of the Seine and inconsistent with the previously shown location of the boat.

The exchange that goes awry – the yellow level of the Centre Pompidou parking garage, 31 Rue Beaubourg, Paris, France

Walker and Michelle getting out of the car with a dead driver – Rue de Rivoli at Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France.

The bar where Walker and Michelle meet with American government agents – Bistrot Marguerite, 1 Place de l'Hôtel de ville, Paris, France

A Touch of Class club – Still searching for this location but it was probably a studio set

Waiting for the exchange – Pont de Grenelle, Paris, France. The Maison de Radio France is visible on the right.

The exchange – Allée des Cygnes under the Pont de Grenelle, Paris, France. It’s located on a narrow artificial island in the Seine, known as the Île aux Cygnes (Isle of the Swans.)

The final confrontation – near the Statue of Liberty at the westernmost tip of the Île aux Cygnes. It’s a one-fourth scale replica of the New York City landmark that was given to the city of Paris by the American community of Paris in 1889, commemorating the centennial of the French Revolution.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Day of the Locust (1975)

dir. John Schlesinger

San Bernardino Arms where Tod Hackett (William Atherton) meets wannabe actress Faye Greener (Karen Black) – this was a studio set built on the Paramount backlot and was modeled on the Parva-Sed Apta Apartments at 1817 N. Ivar Avenue, where author Nathaniel West stayed in 1935 and where he began writing The Day of the Locust.

The movie studio – Paramount Studios, 5451 Marathon Street, Los Angeles, California. This is the Bronson Avenue gate. You can no longer get close to the famous gate (unless you have a business at the studio or book a tour), it can only be admired from a distance.

The used cars lot – Still searching for this location.

Tod and Faye taking pictures in front of a Hollywood mansion – Still searching for this location. The second shot is a view onto the street from the mansion's driveway.

The Hollywood sign – just two letters of the sign were recreated in a more accessible area of Hollywood Hills.

Tod and Faye driving after a party – Still searching for this location

Madame Audrey’s brothel – 1240 Cerro Crest Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

Tod gives Harry Greener (Burgess Meredith) a lift – Whitley Avenue looking south, Los Angeles, California.

Harry tries to sell his patented medicine to a lady – 6642 Whitley Terrace, Los Angeles, California.

Harry peddling his medicine in another house – 6735 Wedgewood Place, Los Angeles, California.

Homer Simpson’s (Donald Sutherland) house – 4911 College View Avenue, Los Angeles, California

The Big Sister’s temple interior – Hollywood Palladium, 6215 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Harry’s funeral – Mausoleum of the Golden West, Inglewood Park Cemetery, 720 Florence Avenue, Inglewood, California

Claude Estee’s (Richard Dysart) house – Ennis-Brown House, 2607 Glendower Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

The movie premiere - Grauman's Chinese Theater, 6925 Hollywood Bouilevard, Los Angeles, California. This section of the boulevard was recreated at the studio, with the addition of a non-existing street directly in front of the theater.