Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dark Passage (1947)

dir. Delmer Daves

Vincent Parry (Humphrey Bogart) escapes from prison – San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, California.

Parry hitches a ride from Baker (Clifton Young) – 4092 Paradise Drive, Belvedere Tiburon, California.

Irene Jansen (Lauren Bacall) picks up Parry and drives him to San Francisco – Waldo Tunnel, U.S. Route 101 between the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito, California. In 2015, the California State Assembly and State Senate approved the bill to rename the Waldo Tunnel as the Robin Williams Tunnel in honor of the late actor.

Irene smuggles Parry past a police roadblock – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

Irene driving Parry into the city – Lincoln Boulevard, San Francisco, California.

Irene’s apartment building – 1360 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. The building, also known as Malloch Apartments, is one of the most famous examples of the Streamline Moderne style in the city.

George’s (Rory Mallinson) house – 1 Florence Street, San Francisco, California. The old wooden building has since been demolished and replaced with a modern apartment building.

Parry goes to the plastic surgeon – Kearny Street at Vallejo, San Francisco, California

Parry climbing the steps leading to Irene’s apartment building – Filbert Street Steps, San Francisco, California

The diner – 1919 Post Street, San Francisco, California. Harry’s Wagon diner has since been removed.

Parry checks into a hotel – Kean Hotel, 1018 Mission Street, San Francisco, California

Parry driving with Baker – Natoma Street at Russ, San Francisco, California.

Instead of driving to Irene’s apartment, Parry is heading toward Fort Point – Long Avenue, San Francisco, California

Parry wrestles the gun from Baker and in the ensuing struggle the latter falls to his death – the bluff just above Fort Point, San Francisco, California, California

Parry confronts Madge Rapf (Agnes Moorehead) who then accidentally falls out of the window of her apartment – 1090 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, California

Parry runs to the roof of Madge’s apartment building – 1090 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, California

Parry climbing down the fire escape – 1201 Greenwich Street, San Francisco, California. This is an entirely different building, a few blocks away from the previous location.

Parry in the middle of the street deciding what to do next – Greenwich Street at Hyde, San Francisco, California.

Parry jumps on a passing cable car – 2164 Hyde Street, San Francisco, California.

The cable car’s turntable terminus – Powell Street at Market, San Francisco, California

The bus depot – This was filmed on a studio set

Parry meeting with Irene in Paita, Peru – This was filmed on a studio set

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  1. Fantastic work!; you'd have made a great P.I.... I'm covering Dark Passage on my blog, and you will be getting a link-back as I've stol... erm, 'borrowed' some of the addresses for the review. The review will be out in a week or three, if you object to my rinsing your work, feel free to send abusive messages and I'll replace the addresses with 'a street in San Francisco', retire to my study and commit ritual suicide in disgrace. Think of my kids, damnit!!. Anyway, I have been beguiled and entertained and for that, I thank you. Your Servant and Colleague, Mark Sohn.