Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Breakfast Club (1985)

dir. John Hughes

Many thanks to ItsFilmedThere for identifying this location. Check out this and many other Chicago-based movies over there.

Shermer High School - Maine North High School, 9511 Harrison Street, Des Plaines, Illinois. The library scenes were filmed on a set constructed in the school gym. The building now serves as a district headquarters for the Illinois State Police.


  1. Can you settle a "raging" debate as to where the final scene was filmed, with Bender crossing the football field? Some sources say it was Glennbrook North HS and other say it was Maine South. IMDB, Wiki, and other film-location blogs all disagree.

    1. I'd suggest to ask Chas from ItsFilmedThere. He's been covering the Chicago area for years. I'd trust his opinion.

  2. The internet isn't always right and one person claims something and everyone jumps on the bandwagaon. Look at the scorebox, it is NOT Glenbrook North or Maine South. The football field scene was filmed at Maine North High School, same as the movie. The football field has since been demolished and replaced by houses. I lived in the area when this was being filmed. I can say 100% certainly, it was filmed at Maine North.

  3. Final resolution from the cinematographer... Maine North's football field.