Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Rock (1996)

dir. Michael Bay

General Hummel (Ed Harris) visits his wife’s grave – Golden Gate Cemetery, San Bruno, California

The Rock – Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California

Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) makes love to his girlfriend on the roof – Rosslyn Hotel, 112 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, California

Mason (Sean Connery) is brought to negotiate with the authorities – Veterans’ War Memorial Building, Franklin Street at Fulton Street, San Francisco, California

Mason is transferred to a hotel suite - Fairmont Hotel, 950 Mason Street, San Francisco, California

The bouncy car chase – 1100 block of Filbert Street, San Francisco, California

The car crash – W. 7th Street at S. Center Street, San Pedro, California

The cable car - Hyde Street at Clay Street, San Francisco, California

The car chase climax – Pacific Avenue at Jones Street, San Francisco, California

Mason’s daughter’s house – 611 W. 37th Street, San Pedro, California

Mason meets with his estranged daughter (Claire Forlani) - Palace of Fine Arts, 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, California

A missile is heading for a stadium – Candlestick Park, 490 Jamestown Avenue, San Francisco, California

The fighter jets are flying under the Golden Gate Bridge

Goodspeed is waiting on Alcatraz Island


  1. Where'd you get this info?

  2. Where is General Hummel’s home?

    1. When does it appear (what minute into the film)?

    2. The opening. Hummel is putting on his dress blue. There isn't any outdoor scene. We can only see the blurry indoor settings like windows, wall fittings and the dressing table, etc. Wonder if it was shot in a room of some hotel or house......Thank you~

    3. Well, if the exterior is not shown, and it's all blurry as you say, it's not possible to figure it out.

    4. Thank you all the same. I know it is crazy but, I am also curious about the precise location of the grave of Hummel's wife in Golden Gate Cemetery : -) crazy for the movie, crazy for Hummel....

    5. If it was just interior, most likely it was filmed on a set.

  3. Hi, Thanks a lot for this gallery, I have question: where is st. Michael Church (in movie's Fort Walton Kansas)?