Friday, August 8, 2014

The Long Good Friday (1980)

dir. John Mackenzie

The IRA safehouse – Berry's Hill at the junction with Church Hill, Cudham, Kent, UK

The parking lot where Colin's driver gets killed – 287 High Road, London N22. It was a pub originally called The Fishmongers Arms. It was called Fagan's at the time of the filming, and then O'Rafferty's. It has now been converted to flats, with a police station on the first floor. Many thanks to Kim Tipping for pointing that out.

The driver’s coffin arrives in London – Paddington Station, London W2.

The restaurant where the driver's widow spits in Jeff’s (Derek Thompson) face – 60 Wigmore Street, London W1.

Harold Shand’s (Bob Hoskins) arrival – Heathrow Airport, Hounslow TW6, United Kingdom

Ivory House, St. Katharine Docks, London E1.

The place where Harold's yacht is moored – to the southeast of St. Katharine Docks, London E1. The area has changed, and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact location.

Harold’s mother is being driven to the Good Friday service – St. Katharine's Way, St. Katharine Docks, London E1.

Harold’s driver gets killed in a car explosion by the church – 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1. The church interior was filmed at St. Patrick's Church, Greenbank, London E1.

Harold's yacht passing Tower Bridge, London E1

Harold’s yacht location – North Dock, West India Docks, London E1. The area has changed a lot since the film was made, and is now home to the developments of Canary Wharf.

Harold’s casino – 15 Catherine Place, London SW1.

Harold talking to Parky (Dave King) about the car bomb – the south side of Royal Albert Dock where London City Airport now stands.

Harold and ‘Razors’ (P. H. Moriarty) come to question Errol the Ponce (Paul Barber) – 33 Villa Road, London W9

The site of "Lion & Unicorn" – Wapping High Street at Scandrett Street where Olivers Wharf stands now, London E1.

Harold talking to a crook outside a pub – The Governor General (now demolished,) the southwest corner of Whitefoot Lane and Verdant Lane, Bromley, Greater London, UK.

Victoria (Helen Mirren) driving with Jeff from a restaurant – Ludgate Hill with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background, London EC4

Harold and Victoria’s apartment – Noble Street at London Wall, London EC2. The area has since been redeveloped and One London Wall now stands on the spot.

A woman about to find an informer nailed to the warehouse floor – 262 Westferry Road, London E14

The warehouse where she finds him – 77 Wapping High Street, London E1. This and the previous location aren't actually close to each other.

The cemetery where Harold talks to the widow of the driver killed in Belfast – City of London Cemetery, Aldersbrook Road, London E12. Many thanks to Dave Moore for this information.

Harold and his henchmen visit the Irish – Harringay Stadium, Williamson Road, London N4. The stadium closed down in 1987, then was demolished, and a Sainsbury's supermarket was built on the site.

Harold pays a visit to his American guests – Savoy Hotel, Savoy Way, London WC2


  1. Harold Shands Club in the Long Good Friday was apparently filmed at the now demolished Villa Elephant on the River on Grosvenor Road in Belgravia. Can't see any pics of it though.

  2. Where they go to get councillor Harris is Bethnal Green Town Hall - now restaurants.

  3. The IRA safehouse scene was filmed at a couple of cottages located in Berrys Hill , Cudham , which runs from the village of Cudham to Jail Lane/Single Street, Biggin Hill in The London Borough of Bromley.I think the scene where the IRA dump the bodies was also filmed nearby

    1. Thank you. There's a similar house indeed but it has one set of windows too many. Can you substantiate your information somehow?

  4. Harold and Victoria’s apartment is no 1 London wall

  5. The cemetary is the City of London cemetary in Manor Park. Next to Wanstead Flats confirmed by member of staff working there at time of filming.

  6. the woman who finds the guy crucified in the warehouse is gillian taylforth..kathy in eastenders

  7. Where abouts in the cemetery was the seine shot.

  8. the parking lot where colins driver gets killed is filmed in wood green, outside a pub called the fishmongers arms, club called fagans. just see the sign. i lived opposite the pub back then. hope this helps >

  9. colins driver killed ,location pub in wood green n22 calledthefishmongers arms,club called fagans, just see sign

  10. anyone know what restaurant Victoria, Councillor Harris and the Americans go to?

  11. I guess it would be hard to track down the yacht... but it would be nice. It most likely still exists. Boats of that size usually last many decades.

  12. Does anyone know if the abattoir was real?, or a studio mock up !

  13. I mistakenly thought the Lion and Unicorn was a real derelict pub dressed up for the explosion scene and survived the redevelopment to reopen as a boozer. I have since found out it was a set for the film! Is this correct?

    1. Yes, it was reportedly built on an empty lot on Wapping High Street.

  14. Fascinating info about a fine movie. Bob Hoskins was a marvel.